It’s a simple idea. It’s that we work for you, our client. It’s a relationship built on trust. It’s being responsive, accessible and practical. It’s being able to skillfully advocate for you in a thoughtful, dynamic and strategic way. It’s the often overlooked notion that creativity and passion can drive results. It’s what Larmer Jackson, with over 65 years of combined legal experience serving the people of Northern Ontario, brings to the courtroom.

Our Practice

We are your civil litigation lawyers

We pursue complex and often precedent setting civil cases throughout Northern Ontario with careful thought and passionate advocacy. We advocate for the catastrophically injured, the oppressed shareholder and everything in between. Our litigation practice is diverse, challenging and iconic. We are problem solvers. We are thinkers and doers. We are your civil litigation lawyers.

Gateway to the North arch Geoffrey Larmer

We are defined by what we do and have earned a reputation for what we do not do

Our Philosophy
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