This Is Our House

Why are we different? Because we are you. We are Northern Ontario litigation lawyers and this is Our House.

Don’t Be Fooled

A Google search for “North Bay Personal Injury Lawyers” will provide you with a healthy serving of FAKE NEWS. You will be bombarded with dozens of advertisements and links to lawyers that say they offer legal services in North Bay and throughout Northern Ontario, but they don’t. They will even give you a local address which doesn’t exist or belongs to someone else. Some of these people are not even lawyers, so be careful. This is how many lawyers and law firms operate in Southern Ontario. We don’t play these games.

No Kickbacks

Out of town lawyers want to sign you up and they will go to great lengths to do so by arranging for local businesses or health care providers to send clients their way. We have no referral arrangements with hospitals or health care providers. We also don’t hire call centers or private investigators to track you down after a serious accident or injury. This type of practice is distasteful, unprofessional and usually involves the breach of a patient's privacy. You deserve better.

GeoffreyCity Centre

This Is Our Community

This is where we work and live. This is where we raise our children and care for our parents. We invest in our people, small businesses and institutions. You see us at local charity events. You see us or at our kids soccer games in the summer and hockey games in the winter. Our passion representing the people of Northern Ontario comes from a shared purpose and a common background.

Northern Ontario Is Our Home

We work closely with community leaders, local professionals, health care workers and law enforcement when we represent you, our neighbour. We don't need a map to find the courthouse like so many others do. We have a brick and mortar presence in The City Centre in downtown North Bay. We don’t advertise fake or temporary offices in other places and pretend to offer the people of those communities local legal representation. Don't be another forgotten out-of-town client in your own community.


Northern Proud

When it comes to civil litigation, we are The North. We understand your values and sensibilities. We do things differently here and we never apologize for who we are. We breath a little deeper, think a little longer and advocate like our clients are our family. Because they are. And that is why we say that this is our house.